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Until Neon Rooster

Hold On, Reach Out

Performed by Over, Never Out.
Produced by Pine Gap Audio Studios of North Carolina

COMPLETE-- Listening Party, Studio B 13 May 2023

COMPLETE-- First Concert, Duskin and Stephens 25 May 2023

Started support of Gary Sinise Last Out play Jun 

Complete-- Concert, Wildhorse Saloon 27-28 July

Complete--GFA Conf. Concert, 2 Oct, Arlington VA

Special Guest Neon Rooster Veterans Day 11 Nov Aberdeen NC

TBD--email us 


The band Over, Never Out was formed in an effort to raise awareness of the suicide crisis in the US military community and raise money for organizations across America that are helping the military community to cope with the trauma and stress of service. 

Our song "Hold on, Reach out" is a call to action for those who might know someone struggling and maybe even a letter to someone that might be contemplating suicide.

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